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The Enchanting Jacket

ornate military jackets street style fashion blogger how to wear

Yes, I’ve added another one of these jackets to my collection.  I couldn’t resist.  I know it pretty much looks a lot like a few of my other jackets that I’ve worn previously in other posts, but that’s why I love this one.  It has a little bit of all of them in it.  Black velvet and ornate embroidery, yes please!  As soon as I (more…)

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The Blood Countess

royal inspired blood red necklace jewelry

Blood red jewels.  I find them so fascinating.  Not only do they add a regal feel to an outfit, that deep red color always seems to be holding secrets, giving off a mysterious vibe.  I also think it’s the perfect time of year to wear them because they remind me of something (more…)

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Pompous Pearls

pearls costume jewelry trends

I’ve been quite addicted to pearls lately.  Not the classic strand style of course, but the more ornate, regal-inspired kind.  I know a lot of people think pearls will make them look older and boring but that’s not necessarily so.  Take a look at some of my personal favorite (more…)

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Forever Gold

saretta thais wearing metallic gold suno top

Forever ‘gold’, I want to be forever ‘gold.’  When I go shopping, and I spy something gold and metallic, the Leo in me is usually drawn right away to it.  I could have a million gold pieces in my closet and I’ll never get tired of any of them.  I always say it’s good to (more…)

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To Be or Not To Be

elizabethan inspired outfit fashion blogger with ruff

Hello everyone.  I know it’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted last but I took a small break.  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen I’ve been traveling; but I also wanted to take a break to really find myself.  I took a step back and really looked at my blog and what I’ve done with it these past few years.  I realized it didn’t really show who I am, or at least that’s what I think.  I could be crazy but (more…)

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Birthday Lion

gold outfit for birthday leo at disneyland jungle

It’s that time of year again, my birthday.  And just like every year, I like to do a little reflection post of what my past year was like.  I don’t know why but every day on my birthday I can’t help but feel a little melancholy and I shouldn’t because it is my day after all and I always have the opportunity to spend time with my (more…)

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