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It’s the first day of spring!  It’s really not my favorite season because it always makes me sad that I have to start putting away all of my coats and all of my black.  However, I do manage to always find a way to stay dark.  I pretty much never wear florals but I saw this top at Zara a few months ago and I loved it because it reminded of a tragic fairy tale romance.  One, it’s made out of a tapestry-like fabric and two, the floral pattern is very romantic but the muted tones give it a melancholy feel.  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you feel sad in the beginning of spring.  It is my nature though.

I did just see Beauty and the Beast this weekend and I was so inspired by it.  I absolutely loved it.  Technically, it’s not a tragic romance but there’s so much darkness in it, it was beautiful in every way.  It is my favorite romance of all time and growing up, the cartoon version was my favorite Disney movie; it was playing on repeat pretty much all day every day.  And well, I think it’s obvious it has influenced me ever since. 😉

xo Saretta

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What I Wore:

ZARA Floral Tapestry Top | H&M Ruffle Sleeve Blouse | ZARA Fringe Jeans | ZARA Black Pom Pom Sandals | MONIKA CHIANG Gold Chain Necklace | FOREVER 21 Jeweled Flower Earrings | ROBERTO CAVALLI Gold Horse Ring | FOREVER 21 Jeweled Medallion, Crown, and Band Rings