saretta thais fashion blogger

 Saretta Thais is the Los Angeles & Orange County based founder of The Lion in Jewels.  Her love for fashion started at a very young age, when she would spend countless hours in her mother’s closet playing dress-up with her jewels.  She attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles where she obtained degrees in Product Development and Costume Design.  While studying, her natural eye for style landed her internships with stylists Rachel Zoe and Cristina Ehrlich.  Being surrounded by couture, she was inspired to leave for Paris to study at the prestigious Ecole Lesage, where she learned the art of Haute Couture embroidery.

She believes in portraying the world in the most extravagant way.  She dreams of a time long lost, where living in luxury and opulence was ordinary; a time when one dripped in jewels and indulged in splendor.

The Lion in Jewels is an inspirational space where Saretta shares her ornate personal style, her vision, and her tremendous love for jewelry.

  • You have a very cool blog. I grew up five minutes from Disneyland too.

  • You have a lovely blog – What a creative name. Thanks for sharing. X