leopard print jacket with leather pants street style outfit

Well, what can I say?  It’s been a sad few days for some of us here in the USA.  I still can’t believe what happened in this election, it feels so surreal.  I really have no words, my heart is broken.  The best we can do now is stand together, think positively, spread love, and have faith.  We need to find a way to get back to the basics of what our Founding Fathers fought for.  I won’t type out The Declaration of Independence on here and I won’t go deep into this but they would definitely be ashamed and disappointed of where this country is today.

Anyway, speaking of basics, I brought out some of my old pieces for this look.  They are pretty old, but at the same time they never really get old. 😉  In my opinion, leopard print should be a staple in everyone’s closet.  It gives a fun, edgy vibe to any outfit while giving off a sophisticated feel.  And it could be dressed up or down.  I also always love a good leather pant and a necktie blouse.  I did buy the loafers recently; I’ve been dying for a velvet embroidered style and I found them at Zara.  They have a regal and luxe feel to them that makes them so perfect for fall.

xo Saretta

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What I Wore:

ZARA Leopard Print Blazer | ANN TAYLOR Necktie Blouse (Really Old) | FRENCH CONNECTION Faux Leather Pants | ZARA Burgundy Velvet Embroidered Loafers | JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Sunglasses | FOREVER 21 Jeweled Band Rings