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Lately it seems like I’ve been stumbling into beetle-inspired pieces, such as my beetle-embroidered loafers and vibrant green jewels.  I’ve had quite a fascination with them.  They are beautiful insects after all.

I found this awesome beetle pin at Forever 21 and I was so excited about it because I’ve been wanting more ornate pins, but the kind I want are always rare to find because they’re vintage or they’re crazy expensive.  I love wearing menswear-inspired pieces, but I always like to give them a feminine touch which for me means piling on the jewels.  In this case, I wore the pin on the shirt collar to give it a special, elegant feel.

I’ve been addicted to pinning things on my collars.  I’ve even used earrings.  It’s a great, easy way to dress up a white shirt.

xo Saretta

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What I Wore:

FOREVER 21 Jeweled Beetle Pin | MONIKA CHIANG Gold Chain Necklace | ZARA Velvet Paisley Blazer | H&M White Wingtip Shirt | DONNA KARAN Vintage Black & Gold Belt | Vintage Green Jewel Ring