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The Blood Countess

royal inspired blood red necklace jewelry

Blood red jewels.  I find them so fascinating.  Not only do they add a regal feel to an outfit, that deep red color always seems to be holding secrets, giving off a mysterious vibe.  I also think it’s the perfect time of year to wear them because they remind me of something (more…)

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Pompous Pearls

pearls costume jewelry trends

I’ve been quite addicted to pearls lately.  Not the classic strand style of course, but the more ornate, regal-inspired kind.  I know a lot of people think pearls will make them look older and boring but that’s not necessarily so.  Take a look at some of my personal favorite (more…)

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Princess of the Amazonite

saretta thais fashion and jewelry blogger wearing kendra scott carey earrings

When I opened my latest Rocksbox set and saw these beautiful Kendra Scott earrings in Amazonite stone, they immediately reminded me of Princess Jasmine which is awesome because I’ve secretly always wanted her whole ensemble, especially the jewels.  Aqua and gold is another one of those color combinations that I can never get enough of.  It’s a perfect glam look for the (more…)

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The Black Dress Jeweled Four Ways

how to accessorize a black dress for a wedding

GIVENCHY Red Gemstone Necklace | ROBERTO CAVALLI Renaissance Gemstone Earrings | ROBERTO CAVALLI Cocktail Ring | Opal and Ruby Bangle Bracelet

Wedding season is descending upon us and I know how stressful it can be to find the right dress, the right shoes, and the right accessories, especially jewelry.  When I’m styling wedding looks for clients, that’s always one of their main concerns, what type of jewelry to wear with their dresses and how to wear it?  Well, I know it’s summer and people opt for colorful dresses, but the one style tip I always give is ‘you can never go wrong with a black dress .’  It’s classic, it’s simple, it’s elegant and it can be (more…)

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Snake Charmer

louise et cie and alexis bittar snake jewelry

It’s no secret that I love jewels based on exotic animals; over the years, I’ve been collecting such jewels and I can never get enough.  The snake is definitely one of my top favorites.  They can give any outfit power, fierceness, and an air of mystery; what girl doesn’t want that? 😉  You may recognize the gold, snake necklace in the photo from previous outfit posts but the earrings are my (more…)

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Rayne on Me

kendra scott rayne necklace how to wear from rocksbox

One of the best ways to make a black top pop?  Add a statement necklace with an emerald stone!  I love the combination of black with emerald stones.  It really sets the mood altogether for a look; it gives off a mysterious and sultry vibe.  Angelina Jolie’s red carpet look from the 2009 Oscars always comes to mind.  The necklace doesn’t have to be over-the-top, encrusted with crystals for it to stand out.  The ‘Rayne’ necklace by Kendra Scott, which is the (more…)

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The Lion in Jewels x Rocksbox

emerald and gold kendra scott and loren hope jewelry from rocksbox

You can never really have enough jewelry.  There’s so many amazing pieces out there that are all so different; and you can wear the same outfit over and over but if you change up the jewelry you’re wearing with it, you can instantly transform the look.  If only we had the chance to have those many different pieces of jewelry each day, we would have the most ornate, interesting wardrobes.  Well, my friends, there’s a great monthly jewelry subscription called Rocksbox which I recently teamed up with, that allows you to (more…)

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