luxurious holiday gift ideas

It’s almost Christmas but it’s still not too late to shop for the most elegant women in your life.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite luxurious holiday gift ideas, and they’re all under $200!  I personally wish for every item on this list (oops) and I know your loved ones will too.  Allow them to indulge…  


cara jeweled choker necklace

Cara Crystal Pendant Choker ($48)

Well, a holiday gift guide made by me wouldn’t be complete without jewels, right?  I haven’t really been a fan of the choker trend but I absolutely love this one.  It looks like it belongs in a painting of a member of a royal family.  Your loved one will want to wear this on New Years.
agnelle jeweled gloves

Agnelle Embellished Gloves ($159)

Gloves are always a great gift choice especially if your loved one lives somewhere where it gets really cold.  The embellishment on these make them extra special, and extra glamorous.

forever 21 green faux fur coat

Forever 21 Green Faux Fur Collar Coat ($55)

I’ve had a serious obsession with emerald green fur lately, and it looks so beautiful combined with black (another one of my favorite color combinations).  Everyone always loves a good versatile coat, which makes this one perfect.  The fur shawl collar gives it an extra luxurious feel for nights out, but it can be removed to give it more of a casual, daytime feel.

assouline jewels of the renaissance book

Assouline Jewels of the Renaissance Book ($195)

Ahhh I’ve been dreaming of this book since it came out, it’s obvious why right?  The Renaissance had some of the most beautiful jewels in all of history.  I think any lover of luxury would appreciate this book because they’ll have one of the most lavish time periods in their possession.  The cover alone is just breathtaking, it’ll immediately decorate any coffee table or shelf.

patricia green crest slippers

Patricia Green ‘Diana’ Gold Crest Slippers ($68)

An elegant woman not only has luxurious PJ’s, she has to have luxurious slippers as well.  The gold crest adds a regal feel, therefore, your loved one will lounge like a queen.

kate spade zodiac leo keychain

Kate Spade Zodiac Pearl Keychain ($48)

For the chic astrology lover, this is the perfect keychain.  Your zodiac sign on a timeless pearl, how mahvelous!

bortoletti blue gold murano magnifying glass

Bortoletti Gold & Blue Murano Magnifying Glass ($155)

This piece is truly a work of art.  It’s handmade and the beautiful blue and gold handle is made out of Murano glass.  It’ll add that extra Old World charm to any desk.

from st xavier tasha gold clutch

From St Xavier ‘Tasha’ Clutch ($110)

I think this special, ornate clutch goes hand in hand with the magnifying glass above.  It has that Old World charm also and will decorate any outfit beautifully.  It’s wearable art.

tom ford lip foil lipstick

Tom Ford Lip Foil Lipstick ($53)

Why give plain lipstick when you can give Tom Ford’s Lip Foil?  This lipstick has ‘three-dimensional, ultra-fine mica’ which reflects a vibrant mirror foil finish.  It gives the lips a hint of a metallic shine, resulting in a unique shade without looking too over-the-top.  It’s perfect for winter and comes in different shades.baublebar flamenco jeweled earrings

Baublebar ‘Flamenco’ Earrings ($34)

A girl can never have too many earrings.  These are fun, festive and will pretty much go with any outfit.

buly 1803 retour d egypte candle

Buly 1803 ‘Retour D’egypte’ Scented Candle ($160)

A candle that embodies the aroma of Egyptian ruins ‘buried under the millenary blows of the sun’?  I’m in!  Who wouldn’t want a bit of Ancient Egypt in their home?  Not to mention, the candle itself is beautiful.  It’s enclosed in marble and topped with a glass dome.

asos skinny dip fur iphone case

Skinnydip Faux Fur iPhone Case ($25)

For the extravagant girl who likes to make a statement.  Fur is always luxurious as a coat but sometimes that just isn’t enough.  Why only have it as a coat when you can dress your iPhone in it too?