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Happy Friday!  Since it is the weekend, it’s time to shine!  Whether you’re going to a party, out to dinner, or even just to the movies, celebrate the weekend with statement jewels.  I’ve decided every Friday, I will share with you photos of well-jeweled women for inspiration along with pieces you can buy.  This week my inspiration is my ultimate style icon, Mexican actress Maria Felix.  From this photo I think you can see why she is my style icon.  I’ve always loved animal-inspired jewels, and the way she stacked her serpent bracelets is just beautiful.  She is also wearing her famous custom-made baby crocodile necklace by Cartier; which I hope to someday have a replica of. 😉  The story behind it is quite fabulous; she supposedly brought baby crocodiles to Cartier and requested a necklace made to look exactly like them.  The two crocodiles can be separated and be worn as brooches.  The necklace is now part of The Cartier Collection.

Below I’ve put together a few pieces that are inspired by Maria Felix’s own.  Have a jewel-ful weekend!

xo Saretta

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