emerald and gold kendra scott and loren hope jewelry from rocksbox

You can never really have enough jewelry.  There’s so many amazing pieces out there that are all so different; and you can wear the same outfit over and over but if you change up the jewelry you’re wearing with it, you can instantly transform the look.  If only we had the chance to have those many different pieces of jewelry each day, we would have the most ornate, interesting wardrobes.  Well, my friends, there’s a great monthly jewelry subscription called Rocksbox which I recently teamed up with, that allows you to do just that, wear new jewelry all the time without the commitment of buying it!

Here’s a little bit about how it works

First, you take a style survey and you can add items from their online catalog to your wishlist. (They will work on getting the pieces on your wishlist in your box)  In your box, you will receive 3 pieces worth an average of $200 USD, based on your style survey, hand selected by one of the Rocksbox stylists.  Once you receive your box, you can return your set at any time and as often as you’d like, it will get swapped out for a new set and shipping to and from your home is prepaid!

The monthly fee is $19 USD for unlimited jewelry rental and if you decide you’d like to keep one of the jewelry pieces in your box you can definitely purchase it.  Each month you are given $10 in Shine Spend to apply towards a purchase. Doesn’t that sound awesome?  You can always have different jewelry, you never have to get tired of it; and if you’re a bit jewelry-shy, this is a great way to try out different pieces to see what suits your style best.  Now, here’s a little treat for you my fellow jewel-obsessed friends; you can get the first month free of your subscription with this code: sarettathaisxoxo Enjoy! 😀

In this post, I’m sharing with you how your Rocksbox will arrive.  I’ve had a bit of an emerald obsession lately, so I added such pieces on my wishlist.  I received a beautiful green stone tassel necklace by Kendra Scott, emerald jewel earrings by Loren Hope, and a Sophie Harper pavé triangle ring.  I loved it all, from the packaging to the pieces themselves; and they each arrive in their own pouches.  I’ve already been enjoying wearing the pieces and I can’t wait to see what will arrive in my next box.

Read more about Rocksbox and subscribe on their website at rocksbox.com.

xo Saretta

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