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Green Regalia

dolce and gabbana emerald green sunglasses jewels

You know that I love anything jewel-toned, but I’ve had quite a fascination with emerald greens lately.  I’ve mentioned it before, there’s something so majestic and mysterious about that deep, beautiful color.  And I’ve become crazy obsessed with (more…)

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The Vintage Chanel Skirt

how to wear a vintage chanel skirt

The boucle Chanel skirt.  Another great classic piece that every girl should have.  You can dress it up or down, and it stays timeless.  In this look, I’m wearing a vintage one (I bet you can’t even tell it’s vintage right?) from Socialite Auctions.  I styled it with a metallic gold pullover sweater and a faux fur coat for a (more…)

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Holier Than Thou

h&m gold baroque cross earrings

My obsession with ornate cross jewels continues.  They really do have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude all on their own… (more…)

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Modern Matador

modern bullfighter inspired outfit fashion blogger

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a magical holiday season especially after the crappy year we had.  I don’t know, it might’ve been a great year for some people, but I think for most of us it definitely wasn’t.  I can’t say it was all that bad; I did travel to Croatia which was probably the highlight of my year, and I had a lot of time to (more…)

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Holiday Gift Guide: Luxurious Gifts Under $200

luxurious holiday gift ideas

It’s almost Christmas but it’s still not too late to shop for the most elegant women in your life.  I’ve put together a few of my favorite luxurious holiday gift ideas, and they’re all under $200!  I personally wish for every item on this list (oops) and I know your loved ones will too.  Allow them to indulge…   (more…)

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The Bejeweled Blouse

how to dress up a black blouse

It’s holiday season, which means endless cocktail parties and festive events.  It’s a time when you’re feeling like you need to have a dressy outfit option pretty much every weekend because you never know where you’ll be invited to.  Maybe you don’t want to spend money on these festive outfits.  So, what’s the quickest way to dress up your existing wardrobe? (more…)

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