saretta thais fashion blogger embellished vest with all white styleWho else is excited for the new Pirates movie?  I can’t wait, it looks awesome and well, it’s been inspiring my warm-weather outfits lately.  But then again, I guess I’m always inspired by pirates.  If you haven’t noticed, I tend to switch from all-black to all-white once it starts getting warm.  You can never go wrong with it. There’s something about an all-white outfit that always looks chic.  I always love to wear gold with all of my outfits of course, but I especially love it with white because I feel it gives the look extra richness.  And, what’s a pirate without gold anyway?  Arrr!

xo Saretta

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What I Wore:

ZARA Beaded Velvet Vest | FOREVER 21 White Peasant Blouse | ZARA White Skinny Jeans | ZARA Pom Pom Sandals | Vintage Gold Necklace | MANGO Very Old Gold Knit Belt (Worn as Scarf)