jewelry by saretta thais fashion blogger regal macabre ringsThe day has finally come.  I’m officially announcing the arrival of my handcrafted jewels.  As I mentioned before, it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do but I felt the time was never right.

The inspiration behind my jewels is basically all the love I have for the regal, the macabre, the dark, the evil, the opulent, the extravagant, costumes, history, and fairy tales all wrapped up together.  Just yesterday, I was thinking about my childhood and how I always preferred to be in a costume all day over regular clothes or PJ’s while I watched Disney and scary movies.  I realized that never really left me.  Even though I technically wear normal clothes, I always have to have a costume-y element in my outfits, which usually is the jewelry.

So I’m bringing a piece of my childhood to you, my friends.  Dare to be opulent, dare to be dark, dare to live in a time long lost, dare to live in a fantasy world.  That is Saretta Thais Jewels.

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Saretta Thais Jewels

By the way, I’m only making rings at the moment.  But not to worry, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings will soon follow…

xo Saretta

saretta thais jewelry rings regal macabre