louise et cie and alexis bittar snake jewelry

It’s no secret that I love jewels based on exotic animals; over the years, I’ve been collecting such jewels and I can never get enough.  The snake is definitely one of my top favorites.  They can give any outfit power, fierceness, and an air of mystery; what girl doesn’t want that? 😉  You may recognize the gold, snake necklace in the photo from previous outfit posts but the earrings are my most recent find.  They are by Alexis Bittar and they’ve become my favorite earrings.  They have just the right amount of crystals to make them wearable for both day and night and I love how the metal is not so shiny.  I especially love the gold fangs, it makes them that much more fierce.  Inject a little venom in you and shop snake-inspired jewels below.

xo Saretta

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