miriam haskell vintage gold roman coin necklace

I just wanted to share this quick post on one of my newest treasures.  One of my favorites places to shop for antiques is the Orange Circle here in The OC.  It is known for its endless antique shops that all specialize in different things, there’s so many that you can pretty much find any sort of antique or vintage item you’re looking for.  For example, this necklace that I found at the Orange Circle Antique Mall shop.  I love Roman coins and I’m obsessed with anything that has them on it.  I had been searching for a coin necklace and I finally scored this vintage one by Miriam Haskell who was a great costume jewelry designer from the 20’s through the 50’s.  Her designs were worn and adored on-screen and off-screen by actresses Joan Crawford and Lucille Ball; even the Duchess of Windsor was a fan.

I’m excited to wear it; I’m saving it for the spring and summer though.  I’ll probably be wearing it almost everyday!

xo Saretta

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